Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is the basis for all the treatments here at Frederiksberg Massage.
Combined with the other treatment methods used, it is ideal for relieving headaches, tense muscles and contracted connective tissue.

Treatment of Injurys

Injury treatment is used when more advanced techniques are needed. If you have problems with insufficient movement, in e.g. arms, legs, back etc. the challenges can be remedied with those methods.



About Frederiksberg Massage

Hi, my name is Jan, I have been a masseur since 2016, and am the owner of Frederiksberg Massage since 2018.

My basic form of treatment is deep tissue massage, but without you screaming in pain on the table.

At Frederiksberg Massage, you can be sure that you and your challenges are in focus, that in the best possible way, you will be relieved of pain and regain mobility where possible.

It all takes place according to the concept of safety and comfort.
It is your time and you decide what you are comfortable with being massaged and how much clothing you are comfortable taking off.

The only rule I have regarding undressing is that panties/underpants are kept on.

My CV contains a lot more than massaging…

I am a self-taught IT man,
I can do most things with IT until 2014, both assembling computers, installing and programming them.

The thread in my path through life is;
sales, service and support, with some twists and turns
the physically demanding jobs as a wing builder at Vestas, and washing stairs.
For the less physically demanding jobs such as kindergarten helper and
substitute school teacher.

I have managed to bring the geek from my IT side, into the Physiurgical world, where learning, trusting and being able to interpret what my fingers feel, and from this choose the right treatment from my toolbox.

This makes me the good and skilled masseuse I am today, where I alleviate and remedy many types of pain and injuries.

I also have a good hairdressing gene, I like meeting new people and chatting.

I vary widely in what is talked about, as it depends on who lies down on the couch and whether they want conversation or complete quiet to just feel themselves.

However, there will always be professional communication, regarding pain level, massage comfort, etc.

Whoever you are or whatever your challenge is, you are welcome here
Frederiksberg Massage.

My vision with me and the clinic is to continue to improve,
to eventually teach and pass on what I can.

Jan Hansen